5 Ways to Use Your Marketing Plan to Define Your Business

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Reading 2 Similar Books on Economics: Gaining more that 2 books of insight

This was a great exercise in a different type of learning style. In business our clients have different types of learning styles and our marketing and sales have to be able to speak to them all. Being confused with someone that does what you do is not such a bad thing. It may make your potential clients understand you better.

2 Ways to Help Relieve Two Types of Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a common, reoccurring event in the growth of every business and in our lives. It can be caused by many different factors of your day-to-day routine and is usually a sign of a break from those routines. We feel overwhelmed when we believe we do not have resources we need to get to all the items we have committed to. Here are some ideas that may help

What Makes You Lose Sleep at Night? 3 Reasons and Tips

When I talk with Entrepreneurs I find that 100% of them have had one or more of those sleepless nights, or early morning wakes due to something in their business. You know the kind I’m talking about. You wake at 3:30am and no matter how relaxed you are your brain will not shut off again. Here are 3 Common reasons we wake and tips to help you sleep better.

5 Ways to Use Your Marketing Plan to Define Your Business – Pricing

by defining all the costs involved in selling your product you just defined all aspects of the operation of your business. You know who is working for you, how you will manufacture a product, what hours are required to run you service successfully, etc.. The costs outline all aspects of your business, and knowing this will make writing your business plan much faster and easier.