If ‘Revisit Often’ is the Answer, What is the Question?

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Choosing to Grow

Last night on a group call I was asked by the event host how I was able to create an event and fill a room when this was not something I did all the time for a living. I told her I felt it came down to three key things: 1. Set the date Don’t […]

Is Something Changing?

Labour Day weekend represents another time during the year where a lot of change takes place. What is changing in your life right now? How is that affecting your business? What change have you invited or planned for? What change is happening because of an outside source? Take inventory of the things that are changing […]

If ‘Revisit Often’ is the Answer, What is the Question?

Several come to mind: How do I know if my social media is working? Is my networking paying off? What marketing channels are working best for me? What percent of my post clients make up my business sales? Actually, it answers so many really important questions. ‘Revisit Often’ is my mantra. A challenge we all […]