What Kind of Leader Do You Need to Be?

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Act ‘As If’

This is not the same as “fake it ‘til you make it”, but similar. It is not about faking, it is about changing the way you see yourself and your business. Tell yourself, “this is what it will be like” and it will be believable by both your unconscious, which believes everything is real, and […]

Be the Voice

When I was listening to an audio outtake from a past Wayne Dyer’s TV show I heard him make reference to “being the voice of the person not in the room” with reference to gossiping and kindness. Interesting perspective on helping those without a voice. As I listened further I realized that this was akin […]

Balance is Not About Equal

I think the word “Balance” is used incorrectly with reference to life. When we think of balance we often think of the meaning referencing weights, where you put something on one side and an equal amount on the other side to balance the weight. I picture the “Lady Justice” with her scales of justice in […]

How Do You Keep Track?

There is so much information coming at us, both online and offline. How do you keep track? AND yes I want to know what your secrets are. I spent a lot of years in information (or content) management. Keeping track of specific streams of information feels easy-peasy compared to all the information I feel I […]

Don’t Believe in Infomercials

An infomercial, aka elevator pitch, is a short way of introducing yourself and your business in a way that will generate interest and possibly create a lead towards a sale. You know, after 11 years of trying to create the perfect infomercial I have decided that I don’t believe there is a perfect infomercial. Saying […]