10 Things You Won’t Need in a Zombie Apocalypse

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Exiting Your Business is Like Running a Train with No Conductor

Exiting Your Business is Like Running a Train with No Conductor Train tracks at sunset

As a business owner, we are the conductor of our small business. The train runs because we tell it what has to happen and when. But, when we want to stop being the conductor, for most small business, this means the train will not run any longer. If we want to get off the train […]

Business Lessons Visiting Dealerships

Business Lessons Visiting Dealerships

A friend recently shared a story of how he and his business partner tried to purchase several cars for their business but no one would service them because they were dressed in t-shirts and jeans. That was “the 90s”. In 2013, I experienced a similar sales problem. I went into several car dealership, wearing a […]

Can’t find good help? Why your people don’t step up.

Can’t find good help? Why your people don’t step up. mascot in a large crowd

Let me start with a story: I have had several clients, whom are small business owners, tell me they cannot find good help. The owner hires people they expect to do well and then have to fire them within a few months, or less. They have a huge challenge getting the people they hire to […]

Invest To Create a Successful Business

Invest To Create a Successful Business Meerkat watching for change - Vigiliant

Of course you are going to invest in your business. You started with your time, researching, following up on opportunities, and paying for all the items you needed to get started. As Arlene Dickinson commented, “you’re going to need twice as much cash, twice as many hours in the day as there are, and twice […]

Building A Business Alone – 3 Levels of Support to Invest In

Not all help is helpful, and some is more than expected. How do you find the best fit for what you want to spend? I know because I’ve paid for support in my business that was less than helpful, I’ve also paid for the support that took me farther than I would have imagined. I’ve […]

Up Your Reference Group Level

If you want to see yourself as an owner of a bigger business start spending time with people that see you as you want to be. Find people that will hold you accountable, stop you from spending too much time in ‘pity mode’, see your best and strongest traits, understand your challenges, and won’t belittle […]

Act ‘As If’

This is not the same as “fake it ‘til you make it”, but similar. It is not about faking, it is about changing the way you see yourself and your business. Tell yourself, “this is what it will be like” and it will be believable by both your unconscious, which believes everything is real, and […]