Another Way to Get Your Business Name ‘Out There”

Tag: 4 P’s of marketing

Get Speaking!

Have you decided that speaking will be a way to get in front of your potential clients, to build a stronger relationship, and to give great value to people in their lives and their business? If so the thought of finding a venue or event to speak at may feel overwhelming.  No one is asking you […]

Make Your Clients Feel Special: The Small Things Matter

Well, I say ‘the small things, matter’, although what I’m going to tell you about may be physically small, it represents a huge effort on Starbucks part to make their clients feel special. If you are a fan of Starbucks coffee and their location culture, then you already know that it is worthwhile grabbing a […]

What Does ‘Networking in the Right Place’ Feel Like?

Are you networking in the right place? Networking is a great place to make connection with your peers, make friends, find support for your business, and be a part of something bigger than your day-to-day activities. When you network in the right place you should feel energized by the event. Networking should not be a […]

Why Not Set A World Record?

Loblaw Company Limited (Loblaw ) attempted to set a Guinness World Records® world record on Saturday for cracking the most Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheels simultaneously (about 300). It was held at numerous stores across Canada at the same time. I went to this “History in the Breaking” event at my local Zehrs store to watch […]