EXIT Mastermind Accelerator

Ready, Set, Freedom! Build a Business That Thrives Without You.

Are you a business owner dreaming of an exit strategy, but unsure where to begin?

Our EXIT Readiness Programs provide a roadmap to success,
tailored to your specific needs and timeframe.




















Choose the program that fits you:

  • The Starter (3 Months): Ideal for a quick assessment and foundational plan.
  • The Foundation (6 Months): Build on the Starter with team engagement and a more detailed change plan.
  • The Change (12 Months): Implement your plan with in-depth training and support for a smooth transition.

All programs include:

  • Expert evaluation and goal setting
  • Comprehensive team assessment & coaching
  • Accountability and progress tracking
  • Exclusive invitation to the EXIT Freedom Event (details below)

For a longer-term vision:

  • The EXIT Readiness Mastermind Accelerator Plus (12 Months): Focuses on building your business for future exit, even if it's not in the next 5 years. This program provides:
    • Mastermind group sessions with a seasoned business strategist
    • Customized team assessment and training
    • Ongoing owner support and strategy sessions
    • Exclusive access to a 2-day in-person mastermind retreat

Don't wait to take control of your future and build the business of your dreams! Contact us today to discuss your EXIT Readiness journey.

Benefits not explicitly mentioned:

  • Freedom and flexibility for the owner
  • Increased business value
  • Improved team performance