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Keep The Momentum Going!

3-month, monthly check-in, work-on, and accountability call

As a thank you to everyone that joined us at the "Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit" Barb Stuhlemmer would like to invite you to keep the momentum and implementation of what you learned, on track. This will be a monthly check-in call with your fellow attendees. Share what you started and your goals for completion.
Get focus time to get things done.

  • Do you want to write marketing copy or an article for the launch of your book?
  • Are you just getting started defining your book layout?
  • Maybe you are looking for new clients and working on a new leads process?

Whatever you are working on, this is your check-in, share, and get things done time.

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Don’t let the little things fall through the cracks. Come to these calls and GET THINGS DONE!