What Makes You Money? Revenue Generating Activities!

Month: March 2014

It’s All About You

It’s done – You have done it. You started a business to offer the world your expertise. You took the risk and you launched the business. Like being a new parent there will be plenty of people with advice, suggestions, and insight, but you have the last say. You can veto any idea and create […]

Why Leverage Gets You More and Costs You Less

I talk about leverage when referring to business growth. Leveraging what you have allows you to do more with your current resources. It costs less in time and money then setting up something completely new. It does not replace full system upgrades or the addition of all new products, services, or marketing streams, but it […]

5 Steps to Writing Good Content for Your Business

When your business is about service (as all businesses should be) then your communications with your clients and potential customers are a pivotal point from the start of your sales process, through the purchase and delivery, and well into the customer support and follow up. People must be able to understand you and your message. […]

What Makes You Money? Revenue Generating Activities!

Doing Revenue Generating Activities or RGA every day is not always easy, especially if you are a soul-proprietor doing both the work IN your business and ON your business. If you are a massage therapist, contractor, coach, or any other service provider and you are spending your days doing work for your clients then when […]