Is Something Changing?

Month: September 2012

Thank You For Me!

In our small businesses, which represent 85% of all new startups, we hold a lot of responsibility. We are often still filling many, if not all of these positions within our companies ourselves. Today I would like to guild you through a gratitude exercise that will help you appreciate what you do to run your […]

Are You Grateful?

I bet you do a lot for your business! In fact, you are likely still doing more than one job in your business. Did you know that you need a little gratitude around your efforts, just like everyone else that supports you? Spend a few minutes today being grateful for what you do, what you […]

Is Something Changing?

Labour Day weekend represents another time during the year where a lot of change takes place. What is changing in your life right now? How is that affecting your business? What change have you invited or planned for? What change is happening because of an outside source? Take inventory of the things that are changing […]