How Do I Create A Procedure? Adding Systems to Increase Your Companies Value

Month: June 2012

Last Day of School – How to continue to work with your kids around

Today is the last day of school for my kids. Last night my oldest had his graduation from Grade 8. The entire class looked spectacular and it was a lovely event. If you have kids, the summer can be a challenging time to run your business, especially if you are working from home. Here are […]

Guest Blogger Tim Green on Increasing Your Referrals

How do you find new prospects for your services – through cold calling, leads, referrals or prospects who contact you? Each involves a numbers game. For example, 20 cold calls may bring you five appointments and ultimately one contract. Leads may yield better percentages, depending on their source. Prospects that contact you are rare, but […]

Tools Talk – From a Layman’s Perspective – Social Media

There are a lot of great tools available to help run your businesses smoothly. Many of them are free. The challenge around looking at tools isn’t that they are too hard to use, because many applications are very easy to quickly learn. The challenge is knowing how to use it in a way that adds […]

3 Things You Need to Create for Your Own Free Teleconference Call

Have you identified that you need to be speaking more often in your business to increase your marketing reach and share your expertise? Do you have a lot knowledge and experience to share? Do you really want to engage an audience in the growth that occurs with the content you teach? Have you thought about […]

How Do I Create A Procedure? Adding Systems to Increase Your Companies Value

You may realize that you need process and systems in your business to be able to create more money, products, and time so you can grow your business. Having procedures will ensure you can reproduce your clients’ best experiences over and over, avoid doing the wrong thing more than once, and create a system that […]