Implementing versus Selling

Month: March 2012

What Does ‘Networking in the Right Place’ Feel Like?

Are you networking in the right place? Networking is a great place to make connection with your peers, make friends, find support for your business, and be a part of something bigger than your day-to-day activities. When you network in the right place you should feel energized by the event. Networking should not be a […]

Why Not Set A World Record?

Loblaw Company Limited (Loblaw ) attempted to set a Guinness World RecordsĀ® world record on Saturday for cracking the most Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheels simultaneously (about 300). It was held at numerous stores across Canada at the same time. I went to this “History in the Breaking” event at my local Zehrs store to watch […]

If ‘Revisit Often’ is the Answer, What is the Question?

Several come to mind: How do I know if my social media is working? Is my networking paying off? What marketing channels are working best for me? What percent of my post clients make up my business sales? Actually, it answers so many really important questions. ‘Revisit Often’ is my mantra. A challenge we all […]

Success or Fail: The Middle Ground – Don’t Sit HERE!

We covered the Positive and the Negative aspects of your attitude towards your current working condition and your future options. For this post let’s talk about the middle-ground. This is where many of us ‘sit’ in business. We work like crazy for many years with limited growth and intermittent short term success. The Negative Optimist […]

Really? You Can’t?

If you find yourself pushing back on ideas and saying things like, “I can’t” then you may need to tweak your mindset. “I Can’t” is not the answer Every time you find yourself saying “I Can’t” I want you to go back and replace it with one of these statements: “I won’t” or ‘No” and […]

Implementing versus Selling

The two sides of entrepreneurship are creation and sales. You must be able to do both in your business or you will stop producing, shipping, and selling if you have a challenge with either. Implementation Some people are great at implementation. New ideas mean new things to develop and that is exciting. It drives them […]