A Shift in Focus

Month: February 2012

Teaching vs. Reproducing

We know that someone coming right out of college or university has some great knowledge and a starting point for their growth as experts in their field. What is surprising is how often it is thought that having the education makes you an expert. There is no substitute for experience. There are so many variables […]

Contracts for WHAT?

I don’t want to suggest that you need to bind all your relationship with a contract, but if you like the people you are going to do business with you should have something in place to ensure there is an understanding. As my friend Lara Veltkamp of Watershed Marketing would say, “Contracts are not to […]

I Have a Coupon?

If you have one product at one price then keeping track of offers is quite easy, but that is not likely for any of us. For one of my products I had an introductory price when I was building the product, a held over price, the pre-release price, a coupon I offered to capture attention […]

Sharing Your Information

If you, like me, are creating a lot of content, then the best outcome for you is that the content be viewed by as many people as possible. I have been asked by a number of people for the right to republish my articles, or to contribute to their online media. This is a great […]

A Shift in Focus

I want to add something to my blog. Something uniquely different from what I write about in my e-zine blogs. I want to share more around what I experience in my business day-by-day, so I am changing the focus of this blog to talk about one great thing each day. What kind of things? Things that […]