What People are Saying

Month: February 2011

Make this Your Best Year Ever (Part 3-1) – Powerful Support / The lies we use and Benefits

This first segment is about the lies we tell ourselves that sabotages our chances of having the support we need and also about the benefit we get with the right support.

Benefits like:

* less stress
* more opportunity
* more money
* better health and relationships

Decision Making 101 – How to make those tough decisions and feel good about it

Have you ever had a decision to make in your business and found yourself second-guessing both outcomes? Should you do it, what if you don’t do it, what are the consequences, how can I justify it… Decision making can sometimes be paralyzing. In the case of business it can be devastating to your bottom line […]

Prepare for Everything When You are in Business: Using Gratitude

If you are in business you need to prepare for the things that not only might happen but for the things that will happen. There are processes to help determine what your business might encounter, like the SWOT analysis. . What you need to do is find a way to evaluate what is going to happen and plan for it. I do this by asking questions – here is my process.