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Monthly Expert Calls – Next Guest

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CEO Elite Introduction Dinner (Call for details)

Call the office for details on hosting an introductory dinner in your area or to join an existing peer council. (705.719.5661)

  • These are dinners that will introduce you to a CEO Elite peer council and it’s members
  • CEO Elite peer council members:
    1. Are a business owner or the key decision maker in the business
    2. Have Been in business for more than 3 years,
    3. Have a successful business grossing more than $250,000 / year
    4. Can make strategic decisions for the businesses growth
    5. Must be on a path to a million or multi-million dollar business.
  • You will be introduced to:
    1. The key secret to wealth and success in business
    2. A process that brings opportunities into business
    3. A personal evolution to becoming part of the elite 10% business owners
    4. A way to surround yourself with people who are also searching, implementing and doing what your are doing and increasing your ability to succeed by up to 95%1.

“It cannot be had at any price by those who are not intentionally searching for it.” Napolean Hill – Think and Grow Rich

1 Dr. McClelland, a social psychologist from Harvard, says, “Your ‘reference group’ determines 95% of your success or failure in life”.

VIP Day Plus 30 – max. 5 spots available

  • For entrepreneurs really wanting to make a change and get to that next level
    • Get unstuck from the feeling of never being able to move forward in your business
    • Find out what you need in your plan to actually be a bigger business – like:
      • Open up a bigger market
      • Become more highly niched to increase closing ratios
      • Discover a new stream of sales
      • Find out how to create packages that really sell
      • Increase your pricing to match your value
      • Create business systems that help you and your employees run more efficiently
      • Discover where you are losing money and how to stop the drain
  • Application Required.
  • Next date – December 1, 2015


Past Appearances & Recordings

Business Strategies for Professional Organizers (Oct 23, 2015) – Professional Organizers Conference 2015

The Start Something Show with Tina Dietz - Show #33 interviewInterview on The Start Something Show – Transitioning Business Leaders (Show #33)

Guest on Victory Circles Radio – ON Demand – TOPIC – “Doing Everything Yourself Leads to Failure”

Speaker at Laura Gisborne’s Passion, Purpose & Profits Conference in Scottsdale Arizona

Interviewed by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha and Tryna Giordano Cooper on What’s Up – Our TOPIC was on Significance. (starting at 29 minutes)

Million Dollar Mindset Podcast with Marla Tabaka – Effective Operations to Grow Business

Interviewed by Lana McAra on The Prospect Profiler

Get Ready with Betty with Sharon McRill – Hosting a Successful Business Event

Social Buzz Club guest blogger and interviewed by Laura Rubinstein – Doing Everything Yourself Leads to Failure

TV Interview with Cindy Ashton on Speaker Stardom.