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Cindy Ashton, Cindy Ashton – North America’s Unconventional Speaker Trainer – (www.yourpersuasivevoice.com)

“It’s really remarkable what has happened to my business. In one month I made the biggest monthly salary I’ve ever made in one month in my entire life. [In 6 months] I was into 6 figures and by the end of 2015 I will be close to the million [dollar] mark.”

Tanya Raheel, Discover Your Awesome (www.DiscoverYourAwesome.com)

“I wasn’t getting the traction I wanted – [Barb] drilled right into the core issues to dig out the gold… [which gave me] a whole level of clarity and confidence around my business and my target market.”

Tash Jefferies, Green Minutes Canada (www.greenminutes.ca)

“I didn’t have systems that could manage my clients – now I can have those difficult conversations so I can skyrocket my business”

Lotte Struwing, Lasting Solutions HR Consulting and Coaching (www.lastingsolutionscoaching.ca)

“I needed to change directions and do things differently and I was struggling getting there. Now I always charge what I’m worth and I have some great products and pricing.”

Cathleen Fillmore, Speakers Gold (www.speakersgold.com)

“An amazing day of breakthrough information and new pricing models. It’s been beyond great. I’m pretty knowledgeable and it’s not that easy to find someone that can tell me something new and I learned a lot. This will take my business to a whole new, much more manageable level”

Barb, thank you so much for being my coach! Since you helped me put the systems and processes together to develop my client intake form and my branding package, I am using my time in a more profitable way. The branding package is planned out with deliverables and clear coaching (instead of just ‘working it through’ with clients) and clients are buying it as is. I have also begun to be more selective with the clients I work with. By developing a questionnaire that prospects fill out prior to their intake call, it helps them organize their thoughts and needs before we have our call, so I can be respectful of their time and deliver a much better result.So not only are my clients happier – but I am seeing a higher profit margin as well!


Lauren Pibworth, Pibworth Professional Solutions (www.pibworthps.com)

Sandra Scioscia
Bellas Dessert Boutique

Bev Morgan
Fresh Look Painting Services

Darryl Culley

Emergency Management & Training Inc.


Mary Rawes
Century 21 / BJ Roth

Carole Schafer
Ms Sugar Vintage

Lindsay Percy testminial for BLITZ Business Success Before I had a strategy session with Barb I had so many possibilities but I could not see how I could act on them. They did not feel like they were realistic goals for me. During our session Barb kept asking me questions that made me think “why not” which helped me see what options were already open to me. I made a commitment to take action and the first thing I did was talk to someone I know that is looking to get out of his successful business. This simple conversation opened the door to possibly owning an existing profitable business. I can do this and thanks to Barb, I won’t put it off or lose the opportunity because I was afraid to act.Lindsay Percy
Video Testimonial for Barb Stuhelmmer from BLITZ Business Success from Josh Muirhead on Vimeo.

Josh Muirhead
Muirhead Marketing

Twitter: Josh_Muirhead

Christine Clements testimonial for Blitz Business Success Barb has been a fixture in my life over the last few years –revisiting that time 3 things have resonated in our relationship: a drive for creative solutions to employment, perseverance in the face of adversity and an open collaborative and safe relationship to seek resolutions. I was in an incredible state of transition that included a job loss, moving communities and a failed marriage all in the span of 6 months!Barb journeyed through some tough expressions of self-doubt and denial with me to a place of renewed fulfillment and satisfaction in both employment and personal relationships.

Christine Clements

Regional Field Development Manager – Canada
Stella & Dot
C: 416.566.0171

Jackie Ramler testimonail for Blitz Business Success While I have known Barbara Stuhlemmer for close to 6 years, I have been working with Barbara within a Mastermind group for the last 4 years. The benefits and results I have enjoyed from working together with Barbara have been immense.Before working with Barb, my communications and understanding of my business were somewhat scattered. Since having the benefit of Barbara’s expertise and insight, I have seen significant improvements in my clarity of business definition and a better understanding of my business priorities.If anyone questions the value of Barb’s mastermind and mentoring program, please have them call/email me. I’ll be happy to talk to them about it.

Jackie Ramler, CFP, FMA, MBA

Financial Advisor and Branch ManagerRaymond James Ltd.
P: 705.721.4947

Josh Muirhead testimonial for Blitz Business Success Working with Barbara at BLITZ Business Success has been a true pleasure and successful journey thus far. Through the coaching sessions, we have been able to achieve excellent results. I’ll explain here:

  1. Initially, we struggled with our introductory package for businesses using Social Media. Through the coaching, we refined the package, and designed additional packages for better impact with our current/future
  2. Throughout the coach sessions I personally engaged Barbara with the desire to become “the source of information” for Social Media. With leading questions, and encouragement, we set up a strategic plan to accomplish this goal
  3. Finally, our core competencies have been focused and deepened. Throughout the entire process, we learned about maximizing our business potential, while leveraging other businesses that can assist us in our growth

Thanks to Barb and her BLITZ Big Thinker mindset, Muirhead Marketing is undoubtedly better, and more prepared for the future. And I would highly recommend her to anyone expect for maybe my competition.

Josh Muirhead
Muirhead Marketing

Deborah Alcock of Clickety-Quick Barb was my business mentor for a period of one year (2006 – 2007) and continues to be my ‘go-to person’ whenever I have any concerns about the direction I’m heading or when I need business advice and guidance.Before I met Barb, I didn’t understand the value in reaching out to a specific market.  As a software trainer I figured everyone could use my services and couldn’t see the value of zoning in on any one industry. After a couple of sessions with Barb, I was able to develop a targeted approach on a specific vertical while recognizing that I could then approach another target market once I determined the effectiveness of focusing on just one.Barb is well-versed in the types of issues people in business run up against because she’s been there too, and fully understands the challenges that come with owning your own business. I highly recommend Barb to everyone who is in business for themselves. You will benefit from really focusing on what you need to do to challenge yourself, reach your goals and enjoy ever increasing success from both a business and personal perspective.

Deborah Alcock

Clickety-Quick Business Solutions and Training