More Resources for Business Owners

Yesterday I sat down with the District Manager for CFIB. If you are a Canadian Business Owner and you do not know this association, then you should. I’m not going to go into why you should join CFIB but it is definitely worth your time to talk with your local CFIB logo

I have been a member for 6 years. I joined because I like what they do to support small business in Canada. Somehow I keep forgetting to use their services when I need them. Here are some resources that I needed recently and could have got through this association.

  • merchant account support (and savings)
  • business banking
  • benefits insurance
  • Health and Safety questions
  • Employment Standards and new Accessibility laws
  • Document templates I can use to create my own policies
  • A person to call to get answers

You may belong to a similar association, like your local Chamber, board of Trade or business support program that works hard to ensure their clients have the information they need to be successful. Don’t overlook the resources you may already have when you go looking for help. It can save you money and time to use the people and plans you have already paid for.

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