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How to Help Someone by Giving a Referral

I am often told, “I’m new to networking, I don’t have enough connections to help anyone, I really don’t know how I can help”. It is how we all feel when we start networking, but I bet you do have some connection that will help someone.

  • Have you ever given a friend a recommendation for a great restaurant?
  • Have you ever been able to tell a person the difference between two competing stores?
  • Have you ever known where the best price to get a service was to be found?

If you answered yes to any of these then you have already given a referral. Business networking is the same. You are listening for people’s needs and if you know someone that can help them then offer that information. Don’t push yourself to try and give any information, you should be able to genuinely say, “I know this person or business and I think you should try them out”.

So my advice is; start by helping one person, be consistent and present and you will meet the people you ‘need to know’ to help more and more people.

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